Vietnamese Orphan Support Association
Hội Tương Trợ Trẻ Em Mồ Côi Việt Nam

A non-profit, tax-exempt humanitarian organization.

 About VOSA

Formed in Portland, Oregon on June 1994, VOSA is operated by a group of non-salaried and non-reimbursed volunteers. All the travel expenses to/in Vietnam have been paid for by the out-of-pocket money of VOSA's officers. To obtain charity funds, VOSA has called upon friends and donors, as well as doing fund-raising activities like fund-raising dinner and raffle. Most of the contributions have been used to provide support directly to orphans, the poor people and needy students in Vietnam. Only about 3% of revenues is reserved for necessary expenses, such as postage, photocopies, office supplies, license fees.

From 1994-present, VOSA operated 15 trips to Vietnam, supported 20 orphanages, 3 free charity health care clinic, 1 center for malnourished children, 4 compassion houses for handicapped children, 2 leprosy villages, 3 free classes for poor children, helped medicine for several cancer patients, provide 30 wheelchairs for disable people, supported tuition for blind orphans for physical therapy training, and granted 700 scholarships to 6th-12th grade students in Saigon and many other provinces of south Vietnam. Total support was valued at more than $170,000 of cash, along with tons of used clothes, toys, medicine, school supplies.

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Revised: 2009-08-17